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This website is devoted to the care and well-being of all rabbits, and focuses on pet rabbits kept as indoor members of the family.

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Check out my book on pet rabbit care and socialization, and I'm always updating it. The book is copyright-protected but available for free, though I request a $1 donation for the bunnies and for my efforts. C'mon, what's a buck?

Welcome to 3 Bunnies Rabbit Resources

Warm weather is here (somewhere on the planet)!! Give your bunnies an air conditioner to help them stay cool. After all, they can't take off their fur coats no matter how much they may be trying.

PLEASE!! Don't give bunnies as Easter gifts!!!
Save a life - Give a chocolate bunny instead!! Say Make Mine Chocolate!!

Easter is a very sad time of year for bunnies and bunny lovers. Although bunnies are celebrated as part of Easter, the sad reality is that most people don't know what they're getting into when they give or get a pet rabbit on a whim, and shortly after the novelty wears off and they are left caring for an animal they didn't really want.

Please join us in urging members of the clergy to speak to their congregations on behalf of all the unwanted pets that arise from the Easter celebration, so that hopefully we can prevent the inevitable abandonment (or worse) that occurs shortly after Easter every year.

For more information, please see this page

Here is a sample letter that you can use to compose your own letter, or you can simply copy it and send it to any/all clergy members you know.

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