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This website is devoted to the care and well-being of all rabbits, and focuses on pet rabbits kept as indoor members of the family.

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Check out my book on pet rabbit care and socialization, and I'm always updating it. The book is copyright-protected but available for free, though I request a $1 donation for the bunnies and for my efforts. C'mon, what's a buck?

About Us

This site is dedicated to all of the bunnies I've helped in almost 20 years of being a rescuer, and is named for Noffy and the twins, Cocoa & Brownie. I had to surrender them in 2013 for foster care when I lost my home and couldn't take them with me to my new living situation.

Noffy died in September while still in one foster family's care.

Cocoa and Brownie are still being held captive by Mona, founder of 3 Bunnies Rabbit Rescue (an organization with whom I worked for over 7 years and got worldwide recognition - no affiliation with this site). They are sanctuary rabbits with around 30 other rabbits, so they are not in a loving home, they are merely being taken care of by someone who vindictively broke my heart, their hearts, and Noffy's heart (the three were bonded but I had to separate them when giving them up for foster care).

She told me she had no intention of ever returning them to me, so I do not know how they are doing and if I want to ever try to get them back, it will require legal action (a law called "replevin" covers just such a situation and address who gets the family dog when a husband and wife get divorced - the answer is simple: the primary caretaker).

I may never know their fate, but they know they are still loved and I'm sure they miss their real home (which is with me).

This website contains all of the articles (updated) that were originally on - these helped people on five continents understand rabbit behavior and how to care for them, so I thought it important that I put them back online for everyone's benefit.

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