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This website is devoted to the care and well-being of all rabbits, and focuses on pet rabbits kept as indoor members of the family.

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Bunnies R Us

House Rabbits Rule

Bunderground Railroad

Rabbitwise's Bunderground Railroad

Hopline (House Rabbit Connection)

Sweet Binks Rabbit Rescue

Rabbit Activist

Disabled Rabbits

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Rabbit-Related Email Groups

This is just a small list of some of the email groups that we participate in and have found helpful over the years. All of these groups are useful if you have a question about your bunny, how to take care of it, what it's saying to you, why it does what it does, etc. Please contact us if you wish to have your group added here.


Etherbun is a relatively high-volume list kept very much on-topic by moderators. It has several thousand people and is an excellent resource for learning about your rabbit and taking care of it. There are many vets and people at all levels in the various rescue organizations, as well as numerous published authors on the subject of rabbits. There are also a number of breeders, but discussion of breeding is strictly forbidden in this group. (no breeders, butchers, dumpers allowed). (Membership requires approval).

Bunnies R Us

This groups main function is to help others learn how to care for their house rabbit. This is not a group for people who are breeders or sell rabbits for meat, fur, etc. Thank you for keeping this group fun and on topic.

House Rabbits Rule

This group is dedicated to all topics related to our PET house rabbits. If you have a bunny, you know that they are not the "low-maintenance" pets that some people think they are. They need a proper diet, housing with plenty of space, and time to run and play every day. For people in bunny love, however, they are definitely worth it! This group is here for us to discuss our experiences with our rabbit(s) including health, welfare, behavior, humor, stories good or bad, happy or sad, and any questions and advice we have to share, just basically anything related to our furry friends.

This group has a family like atmosphere so we like to think of ourselves as a family we support each other when we have our Ups or Downs, Happy or Sad.


The Bunderground Railroad is a network of PetBunny volunteers (started in 1996) from across the US and Canada that is activated in order to transport a special needs bunny many miles to a new home.

Rabbitwise's Bunderground Railroad
Rabbitwise's Bunderground Railroad (Yahoo page)

The purpose of RabbitWise’s Bunderground Railroad (RW’s BGRR) State Coordinators' & Conductors' Group is to provide a secure place where BGRR State Coordinators (SCs) and Conductors can make emergency placement and transportation plans for endangered rabbits. It is therefore important to keep unrelated chat to a minimum.


An open forum for those who have an interest in indoor pet rabbits. Created as a place for people who have adopted rabbits through The House Rabbit Connection (HRC) and other affiliated groups. At this time, admission is open to all and discussions do not have to be just about bunnies. There are several topics that are not appropriate here. Caveat: Because the HRC is a non-profit organization, devoted to finding indoor homes for unwanted and often abandoned rabbits , discussion of breeding and sale of babies is counter to our goals and not appropriate in this forum. We welcome breeders to browse our discussions in the hopes that they'll come to understand our perspective. If you'd like clarification on this issue, please email the moderator. To control spam, all messages from new members may be moderated. If you don't see your new message posted right away, it's probably because the moderator is not online. Typically after one or 2 posts the status of a new member is changed to unmoderated.


Sweet Binks is a group for volunteers, friends, supporters and other rabbit lovers to chat and share information, primarily about rabbits and their care or other rabbit issues. A place to ask questions, vent, laugh, share and to help assist other Sweet Binks Rabbit Rescue adopters.


This is an unmoderated group for rabbit rescuers and caregivers who want to discuss and take action on various issues involving rabbit "use" and/or abuse. Examples: rabbit fur, rabbit meat, "Easter rabbits," pet store practices, etc. Rabbit breeders are not welcome in this group. (Membership requires approval).

Disabled Rabbits

This group is for caretakers of disabled rabbits to share tips on the special care required for these rabbits, veterinary treatment their rabbits are receiving, and provide general support for each other.

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