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This website is devoted to the care and well-being of all rabbits, and focuses on pet rabbits kept as indoor members of the family.

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Check out my book on pet rabbit care and socialization, and I'm always updating it. The book is copyright-protected but available for free, though I request a $1 donation for the bunnies and for my efforts. C'mon, what's a buck?


Probably the best rabbit reference site on the internet.

The House Rabbit Society's FAQ on children and rabbits.

House Rabbit Handbook

Rabbit Fact Sheet

Health, Diet, Behavior, Housing, and Misc resources.

A nice list of articles about rabbit health.

The campaign to educate the public on giving chocolate bunnies for Easter and sparing living beings the suffering of living in homes that don't want them.

An excellent resource available in many languages, covering health/dental/surgical issues, feeding, biology, and medicine. This is a very thorough resource.

The Merck Veterinary Manual for Treating Rabbits

More coming soon!!

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