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This website is devoted to the care and well-being of all rabbits, and focuses on pet rabbits kept as indoor members of the family.

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Check out my book on pet rabbit care and socialization, and I'm always updating it. The book is copyright-protected but available for free, though I request a $1 donation for the bunnies and for my efforts. C'mon, what's a buck?


Bunnies On Webcams

Watch Roebling, the famous "Brooklyn Bunny"

Bonky Bunny's webcam (requires login, not sure if it's still a live webcam)

(offline at last check, 4/5/2014 - not sure if it will be returning)

From the Netherlands, so don't try to read the website, just look at the cute little bunnies!

Animal Planet's new live bunny cam

Cute rabbits and Rottweiler puppy webcam

Watch Nigel and Prudence play at the Los Angeles Rabbit Foundation

Watch Bunya, Lucy and Ethel


A nice website for rabbit (and other small animal) lovers, with lots of good information.

Noah's Wish is a unique animal welfare organization dedicated exclusively to rescuing and sheltering animals in disasters throughout the United States and Canada.

The Humane Society's page of animal-related legislation and laws; includes a handy bill-finder search box at the bottom

A collection of link to sites listing animal protection legislation

This is a listing of all the current online petitions relating to animals and the environment

A national database of pets needing homes. This is probably the best resource anywhere for finding the right pet for you.

A great resource for information and supplies.

The Animal Rescue League is a non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing domesticated animals and wildlife from suffering, cruelty, abandonment, and neglect. Since 1899 they have advocated the philosophy of their founder, Anna Harris Smith, that "kindness uplifts the world".

A telephone consultation arrangement to get help with behavioral issues with your pet.

List os Massachusetts State Animal Shelters, alphabetized by city.

Listing of Massachusetts Animal Hospitals, alphabetized by city.

MSPCA/AHES/Angell Memorial Hospital

The RISPCA Shelter and Services

The NHSPCA Shelter and Services


The purpose of the Society is to promote humanity and kindness, and to prevent cruelty to both man and animals, by information, statistics, appropriate literature, and by any and all lawful means which they may deem wise and best, and by assisting in the prosecution of crimes of a cruel and inhumane nature; and generally to encourage justice and humanity, and to discourage injustice and inhumanity.

The Humane Society of the United States

Directory of Safe Havens for Animals(TM) - if you are worried about the safety of a pet.

The ASPCA's Poison Control Center

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals - if you think market animals are treated humanely before being slaughtered for their meat, fur, or whatever, have a closer look.

News of animal cruelty cases anywhere they happen - this is a great resource if you want to follow these cases.

The ASPCA's cruelty fighting resources.

The ASPCA's state-by-state database of animal cruelty law.

Rabbit Adoption and Information Network

Dawn is a professional animal communicator (and is used by 3 Bunnies)

Interesting but apparently somewhat out of date site about animal cruelty (no 2005 entries)

UK-based organization helping people list and find adoptable rabbits, and also a good resource for information on rabbits.

PETA's site about stopping animal testing.

Need we say more?

Utah-based sanctuary

A nice site containing a lot of interesting information about rabbits.

An extensive site devoted to learning about rabbits.

A site devoted to the (sometimes nationwide) transfer of rabbits in imminent danger

A nice general reference site, created to help people understand rabbits

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