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Gotcha date: August 6, 2005, age 5+ years
ATB date: January 26, 2010

This is Tamari - isn't she pretty? She's a Satin. Her fur is silky soft, too. She's six pounds of pure rabbitude. She's the world's only known living specimen of the long-thought-to-be-extinct species of "Rabbitch".

I found Tamari through contacts at various shelters and rescues. She was desperate for bunny companionship. She had recently lost her son/bondmate to surgery (he died under anesthesia) and I think in her eyes, human hands took her baby away and never brought him back. She was heartbroken, and didn't like humans at all when we first met.

The name Tamari comes from a very dark soy sauce, and this is what it looks like in Japanese. I think.

This is Tamari with Hobi, her son. We rescued her after he died while having dental surgery. These are the only images I have of him, but Tamari was heading for an unhappy and lonely life without her forever mate. She needed a new friend, and not the human type.

This is Tamari with Trapper. The first images show the day she arrived and he made it very clear, "MINE!!!"

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