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This website is devoted to the care and well-being of all rabbits, and focuses on pet rabbits kept as indoor members of the family.

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Is it life-threatening?

How can I tell if my bunny is sick?

Check out my book on pet rabbit care and socialization, and I'm always updating it. The book is copyright-protected but available for free, though I request a $1 donation for the bunnies and for my efforts. C'mon, what's a buck?

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When an emergency happens, it's too late to prepare for it!!


Note: ALWAYS call an emergency room ahead for after-hours care to make sure there is a rabbit-savvy vet there or ready to meet you there before going anywhere. As a last resort, and in some cases this may be your only option - make sure there is a rabbit-savvy vet that can help the non-rabbit-savvy vets over the phone to treat your bunny.

Is it life-threatening?
How do I choose a vet?
How can I tell if my bunny is sick?

Rabbits require specialized care, and you will need to find a qualified exotics vet to take care of most of your rabbits medical needs. Vets that handle cats and dogs often can not administer the right care for a rabbit. It is better to find a vet before you need one. Please read this page if you've never had to find a rabbit-savvy vet.

Note: Many people have success is using Bach's Rescue Remedy to help reduce the stress of vet visits on their pets. Some people swear by it for themselves, too!!

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