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Wildlife Rehabilitators

In Massachusetts, please call the Massachusetts Audubon Society’s Wildlife Information Line at 781-259-2150 for a list of rehabilitators that can handle rabbits.

If you are unable to find a wildlife rehabilitator on your own, you might also try calling your local police or animal control officer and they may be able to point you in the right direction.

Or you can check national listings here:
States A-M
States N-W

Connecticut Wildlife Rehabilitators

Connecticut, Central region (East Hampton)
Skip Hilliker, licensed home wildlife rehabilitator
Wildlife Species: all mammals and birds

Connecticut, Central region (New Britain)
Jessica Koch, licensed home wildlife rehabilitator
Comments: check website for contact numbers

Connecticut, Eastern region (Baltic)
Colleen Caplet (director), Second Hand Rehabilitation Center
Wildlife Species: rabies vector species and small mammals

Connecticut, North Central region, Hartford County (Manchester)
860-643-0949 x11
Stephanie Radowitz (animal program curator), Lutz Children's Museum
Wildlife Species: small mammals, non-migratory birds
Limitations: no rabies vector species
SPECIALTIES/KNOWLEDGE: rabbits and squirrels

Connecticut, Northeast region, Windham County (Dayville)
Sherry Harmon or Gerald Hart (rehabilitators), Nutmeg Acres Wildlife Rehabilitation
Wildlife Species: Accepts injured/orphaned mammals, rabies vector species (raccoons and skunks)

Connecticut, Southwest region (Greenwich)
Jean Seward, Wildlife Trust Inc.
Specialty: breeding of endangered species

Connecticut, Southwest region (Oxford)
203-881-1986 or 203-261-9223
Dawn D. Sotir, rehabilitator
Wildlife Species: RVS and small mammals only
Specialty: RVS

Connecticut, Southwest region, Fairfield County (Stamford)
Cathie Kovacs (president), The Wildlife Orphanage, Inc.
Wildlife Species: mammals including raccoon, skunk, and fox; no birds accepted at this time

Connecticut, Southwest region (Stamford)
Tailors Wildlife Rehabilitation Sanctuary
Florence Chiappetta, Tailors Wildlife Rehabilitation Sanctuary
Limitations: not licensed to do deer
Wildlife Species: small mammals, raccoons, skunk, fox

Connecticut, Southeast, New London County (Norwich)
Jean Walsh Presslitz, licensed home wildlife rehabilitator
Wildlife Species: birds (including raptors and terns) and mammals

Connecticut, Southwest region, Fairfield County (Old Greenwich)
Meredith Sampson (Director), Wild Wings, Inc.
Wildlife Species: small mammals, all bird species, turtles
Comments: Certified supervisor/coordinator for rescue and rehabilitation of oiled wildlife;
Humane solutions for wildlife problems

Connecticut, Southwest region, Fairfield County (Redding)
Darlene Wimbrow (director), Back to the Wild Rehabilitation
Wildlife Species: birds (including raptors), and mammals
Specialty: owls

Connecticut, Southwest region (Weston)
Dara Reid (director), Wildlife in Crisis, Inc.
Wildlife Species: migratory birds, rabies vector species and other small mammals and deer
Specialty: owls, songbirds, rabies vector species, and deer

Connecticut, Southwest region, Fairfield County (Weston)
Dawn Davis (intern), Wildlife in Crisis, Inc.
Wildlife Species: all species of wild birds and mammals

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Massachusetts Wildlife Rehabilitators

Massachusetts, Eastern region (Hingham)
New England Wildlife Teaching Hospital
Specialty: Veterinary care of sick and injured wildlife

Massachusetts, Eastern region, Worcester County (North Grafton)
Dr. Pokras, Dr. Kaufman, Carolyn, or Debbie
Tufts Wildlife Clinic
Comments: fax 508-839-7930

Massachusetts, Northern region (Winchendon)
Anne Eddy, licensed home wildlife rehabilitator

Massachusetts, North Central region, Middlesex County (Winchendon)
Cassandra Tompkins, licensed home wildlife rehabilitator

Karen Von den Deale, Wild Care, Inc.
Wildlife Species: song birds, sea birds, turtles, and canids; other rehabbers in the
organization specialize in small mammals

Massachusetts, Western region, Hampden County, (Springfield)
413-781-1505 or 413-787-7888
Dee and Tom Howe (Directors), Urban Wildlife
Wildlife Species: raccoons and small mammals
Specialty: raccoons and skunks

Massachusetts, Western region (Williamsburg)
Cliff & Aly Thayer, Paw Prints
Wildlife Species: orphaned mammals

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Rhode Island Wildlife Rehabilitators

Rhode Island, Eastern region, East Bay County (Barrington)
401-246-0786 or 401-523-9214
Lorna Buffum (Director), Healing Paws Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education
Wildlife Species: All mammals, including RVS
Specialties/Knowledge: Rabies Vector Species, particularly raccoons

Rhode Island, Southern region (North Kingstown)
401-294-6070 or 401-282-9944
Sharon Gamba, licensed home wildlife rehabilitator
Wildlife Species: squirrels (but also take in other small mammals and songbirds)

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