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Magic's Bunderground Railroad Trip Across America

This is Magic with his original caretaker Jean, in Wisconsin: (her original letter to us can be found at the bottom of this page, here).

Magic has led a rough life. When we were originally contacted about him, we were ready to take him into our rescue, until we found out that he was in Wisconsin. A group of very dedicated volunteers helped arrange a "Bunderground Railroad" and Magic began a 1300 mile journey from Wisconsin to Massachusetts to his new foster home. Below are some pictures from his journey.

Special thanks to the following for helping to bring Magic to our rescue:

Rabbitwise's Bunderground Railroad
Petbunny and their
Bunderground Railroad Group

April 17, 2006: Jean went to meet Maria in Milwaukee, and Magic spent the night with Maria. This is Magic with Maria, in Illinois:

April 18, 2006: Maria met with Toni in Chicago, and then Magic spent some time with Toni before their road trip. This is Magic with Toni and Erin, in Illinois:

April 20, 2006:: Toni and Erin drive into Michigan and met with Denise, and then Magic spent a few days with her before their road trip. This is Magic with Denise, in Michigan:

This is Magic enjoying his time at Denise's in Michigan:

April 23, 2006:: This is Magic with Denise and Jules on their road trip:

April 23, 2006: Denise and Jules drove all the way to eastern Pennsylvania, and stayed at Norah's with Magic. This is Magic with Norah in Pennsylvania:

April 25, 2006: Norah and Sharon met in eastern Pennsylvania and Magic stayed with Sharon until their road trip all the way into Massachusetts, and to the 3bunnies foster home. This is Magic with Sharon in Pennsylvania:

May 3, 2006: Sharon and Mona meet up in western Massachusetts and Magic's roadtrip is complete. This is Magic, now in 3bunnies foster care, after his vet visit, and after gaining a little weight:

May 3, 2006: Sharon met with Mona today at about 3PM and Magic's journey into 3bunnies care was complete. Everyone who spent time with him fell in love with him, although most agreed he desperately needed a neuter. Magic will chill for a few days, and then on Monday he will go to the vet (for the first time ever) and his recovery will begin. Sharon is now one of Magic's sponsors.

May 8, 2006: today Magic went to the vet for his much-needed neuter and to begin any other medical care he may need. He did fine with his surgery, and he will be spending the night at the vet. We will know more tomorrow about what other conditions we will need to treat.

May 10, 2006: Magic is recovering nicely from his neuter, from having his teeth trimmed (none had to be removed), and having his ears cleaned. Soon he will go on some dates with some girl bunnies to see if he wants a bunny friend.

May 14, 2006: Magic has met Nancy and they are getting to know each other. Nancy is still a little stand-offish, but she is warming up to him.

May 18, 2006: Magic was adopted by Sandy, Noah, Jesse and Nancy bun!! Sandy says that Magic seems happy just to have someone hold him. He certainly waited long enough. His wish has been granted.

September 5, 2007: It is with great sadness that Wed, little Magic, passed over the Rainbow Bridge. He came a long way via the "bunderground" to safety at 3 Bunnies. Magic was the sweetest little guy, always happy, and soooooooo loved by "the girls" in the "funky bunch". I miss him deeply, as do "the girls", but he is now playing and doing binkies and smiling down on us

This is the letter we received from Magic's caretaker that led to us starting a Bunderground Railroad transport:

Dear 3Bunnies,

I have a very spoiled house rabbit of my own that I've had for over 5 years. So I offered to rabbit-sit my bosses Netherland dwarf six months ago thinking she would eventually want the rabbit back. He stays outside in my garage. My boss says he has to stay outside because he will get sick if you bring him in. Now she says she doesn't want him back. I feel so bad for the rabbit, Magic. When Magic came to me he arrived in a worn out rusted metal cage. He had nothing in the cage but a bowl of food and a water bottle. He was extremely skinny. His nails had never been cut so they were all curled up and some of his toes were misformed because of it. He had arthritis in his feet from sitting on cold rusty metal all the time. His front upper teeth overlap a bit so he has trouble eating. His owner said he would never eat pellets so they gave him just vegetables and not even any timothy hay. I cut his nails, washed his feet, put cardboard in the cage for him to sit on, gave him pellets with warm pineapple juice on them to soften them up for his teeth, provided timothy hay and a box for him to sleep in inside his cage. He has stayed in my garage all winter, even when it was 20 below last week (I put a hot-water bottle and blanket in his cage). I don't want to bring him inside because I don't want him to get sick and because he doesn't get along with my house rabbit (she lunges at him). Also he isn't litter trained.

I don't know what to do with him. I have been trying to litter box train him but he doesn't get it. Also, he sprays me every time I go in the garage to feed him. Even from 5 feet away he manages to spray me. He isn't a mean rabbit. He is very good tempered and doesn't move a bit when I cut his nails. Magic is about 6 years old we figure. He doesn't hop very well because he was seldom out of his cage and because I think he has arthritis in his feet.

I want to give him to a shelter because I can't make a house rabbit out of him and because I only have a one car garage and I need the space for my car. But I'm worried that no one will want Magic and he will have to be put to sleep. But maybe putting him to sleep would be the more humane thing to do than to see him suffer as he gets older.

I'm really torn. What would be best for this rabbit with his problems?

Thank you.


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